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The BDAI conducts periodic training short-term courses throughout India at its designated training centres which have a biodynamic farm for practical demonstrations.

The Bio-Dynamic Association of India offers Basic and Advanced Training Courses in BD Agriculture all over India throughout the year. Courses are conducted by a team of instructors and practicing biodynamic farmers in India. At least one of the course instructors for every course speaks the vernacular language of the region in which the course is being held.

Courses are predominantly 'hands-on', with practical work supported by short theoretical inputs. The basic biodynamic agriculture techniques and methods are taught by doing. As far as possible training courses are held on functioning biodynamic farms, the resident farmer being one of the instructors. 

Basic Course in Biodynamics

Your window to the world of biodynamic farming. Designed on the original model, as taught by Peter Proctor and Rachael Pomeroy, the curriculum has developed over the past 20 years into a comprehensive mix of hands-on practicals, demonstrations and peer-group learning.

The course attracts a diverse group of farm managers, progressive farmers, trainers, and nutritionists.

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Advanced Course in
BD Prep Making

Develop your skills for making the BD preps from BD 500 - BD 501 and the bouquet of the herbals preparations BD 502 - BD 508.

This course is offered to those who wish to make BD preparations and supply to our biodynamic community.

Prerequisite: Completion of the Basic Course and field experience in the use of BD preps.

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Vegetable Production

Upgrade your skills as a biodynamic and organic vegetable producer. With hands-on practicals at a biodynamic farm, learn the farming practices that can only be shared in a peer-peer community.

Prerequisite: Completion of the Basic Course and field experience in the farming or gardening.

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Dairy and Fodder Production

Learn the skills of dairy husbandry for production of organic milk and on-farm fodder production.

The course is held on an integrated farm with native dairy and livestock breeds with its own fodder growing areas.

This course is for those who wish to introduce and integrate dairy animals for milk and cow dung production.

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Specialised Courses for Demeter Certification

If you are considering converting to a Demeter Certified biodynamic farm, you will find these courses of interest. If you are already Demeter certified then the courses will be of value for the continuous and ongoing training for your farm managers and supervisors. These courses are held as and when there are sufficient participants. These can also be held at your farm if you wish to have a specific course for your enterprise.


Demeter Orientation for Farm Owners

Learn about the process, standards and fees for the conversion and certification process.

(1 day)

Demeter Conversion for Farm
Managers / Supervisors

Essential training

(1 week)

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