Our Basket of Services

Training Workshops   Planting Calendar

Workshops are held every quarter in different zones of the country. These are practical demonstrations held on biodynamic farms supported by lectures as per the syllabus of the training course.

To know more about our training, curriculum and calendar, please visit the Training section.


The calendar is published for each month based on the planetary positions of the Sun, Moon and other planets of the solar system. Their influences on plant life have been researching for many decades and are well documented.

To know more about the biodynamic planting calendar and to download the calendar, please visit the Planting Calendar section.


Demeter Certification


Quality Control and Approval for BD Preps

Demeter is an international certification for biodynamic produce that meets stringent requirements of the Demeter Certification process. It has a premium retail value in the Europe and the USA. The Association is the Indian agency to award this certification after a strict inspection of farm and plantation practices.

For more information, please visit the Demeter section.


The Association facilitates the production and availability of biodynamic preps in India by providing approval to the BD prep makers in India. An official approval remark is permitted on the packaging of those preps that are officially recognised by the Association as genuine and as per the quality standards set for prep making.

To know more about the approved BD Prep makers, please contact the Secretary.

Consultancy Services   Consumer Awareness Building for BD Produce

The Association consults to the Governmental and private sector for training, certification and marketing of farm produce and for conversion to biodynamic farms.

It provides international references for buyers of organic and biodynamic produce to potential exporters and participates in international trade fairs like BIOFACH to promote Indian produce.

To avail this service, please send an email to our Secretary


As a core strategy to promote a consumer-driven supply chain for biodynamically grown and certified produce in India, the Association is preparing a vision document for a public-private partnership to create marketing co-operatives.

To know more Supply Chain Management of Locally grown organic food, please read a report by Cognizant here.

Conferences, Seminars, Workshops, Orientations

A vigorous calendar is planned for national and international events to be hosted in India.

  1. The Annual Biodynamic India Conference 2017. (More information will be available soon).
  2. Regional Farmer Conferences
  3. In 2016 - 2017: International Conferences and Meetings
  • The Social Social Forum Networking Conference: Healthy Earth, Healthy Body, Healthy Society - “The Riddle of Relationship“, Nov 2016 at Madurai. Read the post-conference Report.
  • 19th IFOAM Organic World Conference 2017: Nov 2017, Delhi NCR.
    • About 30 contributions from the biodynamic movement along with a few in the scientific, marketing & main tracks of the Conference.
    • Dr. K. Perumal and Secretary, BDAI are co-organizing a key pre-conference workshop, Food Systems 3.0, on the Organic Food Systems Program.
    • Participation in IFOAM Seeds Platform and Role of Livestock in Sustainable Agriculture pre-conferences.
  • Annual Meeting of the Circle of Representatives, Agriculture Section, Goetheanum will meet in India for the first time before the OWC 2017.