Biodynamic Preparations and Formulations

In this section you will find information on the preparations that are unique to the Bio-dynamic Method of Farming.
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BD 800 Horn Clay

Preparation 800 is a recent innovation amongst B.D. practitioners.
It is considered to be a mediator between the earthly influences of BD 500 and the cosmic influences of BD 501.

In the second lecture on Agriculture, Rudolf Steiner spoke about the significance of lime and silica polarities
and about the role of clay as a mediator.

Preparation of BD 800

It is prepared by filling cow horns with clay. It is buried either in Summer or in Winter.

  • Summer horn clay - buried from March to September
  • Winter horn clay - buried from October to March.

Burial procedure is the same as horn silica or horn manure. Use a very fine local clay or sieve (dry clay) to get a good working consistency. Re-hydrate to pack horns. Remember to allow each preparation enough space for individual burial on your property. Store after grinding (mortar and pestle) in a cool dry place.

Application of BD800

  • Summer horn clay can be sprayed out with 501 in the morning (into the atmosphere) after stirring for 1 hour.
  • Winter clay is sprayed out with horn manure and/ or cowpat pit after stirring (onto the soil).
  • it is being used at the rate of 10 grams in 13 litres of water per acre.

Intended Benefits

  • This preparation appears to make BD500 and BD501 more effective.
  • Summer clay - releases nutrients and emphasises vegetative activity.
  • Winter clay - increases sensitivity of the soil and creates boundaries around the farm organism.