Biodynamic Preparations and Formulations

In this section, you will find information on the preparations that are unique to the Bio-dynamic Method of Farming. Click on the links below to discover a new world of making and applying preparations to enhance the earthly and cosmic influences in a farm system.

Using the Biodynamic preparations is a core element of Biodynamic agriculture and also a fundamental requirement of Demeter certification. Their use is perhaps the most misunderstood element of the Biodynamic method of farming.

They can be pondered in the world of the intellect, sometimes this is done in dogmatic excess, but where they are alive and real is within the life of the farm and the farmer, and the vitality of the food and fiber that results from that interplay.

Thus the message- if you want to understand the Biodynamic preparations from a practical point of view-use them, and in that process also pay attention to what goes on with you internally and what happens to the living environment around you. Their use does not have to be in a farming setting. It can be done in one’s front yard or garden.

Be positive, do this work from a place of Love, be sensitive, be receptive.

Jim Fullmer, Demeter USA

Formulations and Usage Guidebook   Booklet: Biodynamic Formulations and Usage Guide by BDAI