Biodynamic Preparations and Formulations

In this section you will find information on the preparations that are unique to the Bio-dynamic Method of Farming.
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BD 501 Cow Horn Silca

Known as cow horn silica, preparation 501 is the basis for bringing Light and Warmth processes to the plant systems on the farm.

Preparation of BD 501

Preparation 500 is made by filling a cow's horn with cow dung, and burying it in the soil during the cooler months - November through February.

During the cooler months life breathes into the soil and the soil has the tendency to be full of growth energies, which energies are absorbed into the dung through the receptive nature of the horn.

Only cow horns are used, not bull horns. The cow horn differs from a bull horn in that it has a series of calving rings at the base and has a solid tip.

The dung should be from a lactating cow which will bring in the earthly forces to the preparation. The cow should be fed with good quality fodder for two days before filling the horns to ensure the dung is full of vitality.

Application of BD 501

Stirring and creating the vortex

  • It is used mainly during the growing season. Usually it is used at the beginning of the plant's development, and then again shortly before maturity or harvest.
  • Small quantities are used at the rate of 1 gram in 13 litres of water per acre.
  • It is stirred for 1 hour in the same way as BD500 to create a vortex.
  • BD501 is applied in the very early morning as a fine mist that drifts over the plant or tree.
  • Preparation 501 is best sprayed when the Moon and Saturn are in opposition which occurs once each month.

Intended Benefits

  • This spray enhances the photosynthesis of the leaf, and is complementary to the activity of the preparation BD500, which works mostly in the root zone of the plant.
  • It also strengthens the plants against some fungus attack, rots in passion fruit, and rust on coffee and rice. it has been found to improve the quality of the plant in regard to taste, nutritional value, and shelf life.
  • It has also been found to bring up the Brix level in all fruits.
  • Some farmers are practising sequential spraying where BD500 plus CPP is applied in the evening and the following morning BD501 is sprayed.