The Biodynamic Association of India helps thousands of new people understand the basics of BD agriculture through its trainings. Our aim here is to promote health and vitality and deepen our collective connection to the cosmos through the practice of Biodynamics.

Basic Training: We offer a 5-7 day basic training workshop on the fundamentals of Biodynamic farming. The training, conducted by the pioneers of BD, does not solely concentrate on the theoretical aspects of it, but the participants get their hands and feet dirty on the fields for an exciting experience. An introduction to cosmic rhythms, a night of stargazing, farm visits- the training is as impressive as it sounds.

These trainings are conducted on a biodynamic farm. The ubiquitous serenity surrounding these farms facilitates the deep connection between man and nature, and that happens to be the only requirement for this course, as the participants are not expected to have any prior knowledge of agriculture.

You might be an IT professional who suddenly stumbled upon the magnificence of biodynamics or a homemaker who plans to start biodynamic farming on her terrace or, perhaps, a novice, who wants to know what this is all about, after all- if you’re as excited about Biodynamic agriculture as we are, this training is for you!

Advanced Course in BD Prep Making: Develop your skills for making the BD preps from BD 500 - BD 501 and the bouquet of the herbals preparations BD 502 - BD 508. This course is offered to those who wish to make BD preparations and supply to our biodynamic community.

Prerequisite: Completion of the Basic Course and field experience in the use of BD preps.

Vegetable Production: Upgrade your skills as a biodynamic and organic vegetable producer. With hands-on practicals at a biodynamic farm, learn the farming practices that can only be shared in a peer-peer community.

Prerequisite: Completion of the Basic Course and field experience in the farming or gardening.

Dairy and Fodder Production: Learn the skills of dairy husbandry for production of organic milk and on-farm fodder production. The course is held on an integrated farm with native dairy and livestock breeds with its own fodder growing areas and is for those who wish to introduce and integrate dairy animals for milk and cow dung production.

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