Ready Reckoner: Suggested Applications and Farm Activities

BD 500 Application

  • Descending Moon Period
  • in the afternoon/evening (sunset)
  • at the beginning of the plant's growth
  • and just before harvest

BD 501 Application

  • Ascending Moon Period
  • in the morning (sunrise)
  • at the beginning of the plant's growth
  • and just before harvest


  • on Moon opposite Saturn day
    • in the morning (sunrise)
    • to strengthen against fungus & improve quality
Seed Sowing 
  • On Moon opposite Saturn day
  • 48 hours before Full Moon
  • during an Ascending Moon Period


  • for the constellation effect:
  • Root Plant - Earth constellation day
    • Capricorn / Makara
    • Taurus / Vrishaba
  • Leafy Plant - Water constellation day
    • Pisces / Mina
  • Flowering Plant - Air/Light constellation day
    • Gemini / Mithuna
    • Aquarius / Kumbha
  • Fruit or Seed Plant - Fire/Warmth constellation day
    • Sagittarius / Dhanush
    • Aries / Mesha
  • Compost Making
    • Best during Descending Moon period
  • Compost Spreading
    • During Descending Moon period
    • in cool weather
    • depending on soil conditions
    • and crop requirements
Cultivation & Soil Preparation 
  • Best during Descending Moon period
  • when weather and soil conditions permit
  • Note: Cultivation and working the soil when it is wet can cause structural damage
Transplanting Seedlings, Container Grown Plants, Trees and Shrubs
  • Best during Descending Moon period at appropriate season
  • Best during Ascending Moon period, except for roots and potatoes, which are best during Descending Moon Period
Fruit, green vegetables, hay and silage
  • better shelf life and maintains quality in storage if harvested during an Air / Light Flower period:
    • Gemini/Mithuna or Aquarius/Kumbha
Grains and Seeds for saving
  • best when harvested during a Fire/Warmth seed period:
    • Sagittarius/Dhanush or Aries/Mesha
Roots and potatoes 
  • best harvested in a Descending Moon period:
    • Moon is in the Earth root sign Virgo/Kanya
    • AVOID Harvesting at Full Moon, Perigee and during a Water constellation leaf day, such as Pisces/Mina, since these are times of more water in the Earth, so the crops would hold too much water for satisfactory storage.
  • Plant Potatoes
    • Best during Apogee
Liquid Manure Application 
  • Best just before Full Moon
  • in the afternoon
  • several times during crop growth, as needed
Fungus Control 
  • During Full Moon and Perigee:
  • Spray with BD 508 prior to & during these days 
    • These are stress times, they bring watery influences to the Earth which can lead to fungus attacks, esp. during warm weather.


  • On Moon opposite Saturn
  • Spray with BD 501 in the early morning (sunrise)
    • which will strengthen the plant to resist fungus



  • Best during Descending Moon period
  • Fruit trees & berry shrubs at appropriate season
    • on a Fire/Warmth day, if possible
    • Leo/ Simha or Sagittarius/Dhanush
  • Flowering shrubs and roses at appropriate season
    • on an Air/Light day, if possible
    • Gemini/Mithuna or Libra/Tula



  • At Full Moon, several times during the growing season
  • Best when Sun in following constellations for specific pests:
  • Sun in Aries/Mesha for larvae
  • Sun in Taurus/Vrishaba for hardshell insects
  • Sun in Gemini/Mithuna for flies
  • Sun in Cancer/Karkata for snails & slugs