The primary objective of the Biodynamic Association of India (BDAI) is to promote and coordinate the Biodynamic Agriculture movement in India.


We are a part of a global resurgence movement in Agriculture to promote a way of farming that produces safe and healthy food for our families in synergy with Nature's connectedness with the Cosmos.

Mission Statement

Our Mission Statement challenges us to achieve all that we aspire for in our Vision.

To promote the practices and philosophy of the Biodynamic Method of Agriculture that foster initiatives and mutual interactions among Farmers, Consumers and Service Providers.


 We meet the objectives by the activities of our organisation:







  • Conduct training in the principles and practices of the Bio-dynamic Method of Farming and Gardening
  • Publish the Planting Calendar based on astronomical events for India
  • Certification Intermediary for Demeter Standards
  • Maintain a quality control on Biodynamic Preparation Makers and Farm Input suppliers
  • Make connections for the various stakeholders
  • Build Awareness and consumer demand for biodynamic farm produce
  • Organise Conferences, Workshops, Seminars and Orientations on the Biodynamic Farming and Gardening
  • Maintain strong and active international linkages with other international Biodynamic Associations

  For more information visit our Services page.

Structure of the Organisation

Our Association was formally registered as a Society under the Karnataka Societies Registration Act, 1960 (RC: 559/1000-2000) in 1999 and our registered office is at Bangalore. Besides our elected President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer, we have 8 other elected members who constitute the Managing Committee. Day to day affairs are managed by the Secretary under the guidance of the President and as per decisions and authorisations given by the Managing Committee. All office bearers serve as volunteers and are active in their own work domains which are connected with biodynamic farming and gardening, representing the diverse stakeholders of the association.

Office Bearers of the Biodynamic Association of India

Managing Committee President
Sarvadaman Patel
Evelyn Daniel
Sundeep Kamath
G.S. Mani
Members Ajit Mathai

Girish Krishnamurthy
Jayachandran Krishnareddy
Dr. K. Perumal

Rambadhran Gopalan
Sanjay Doctor
Sundeep Kamath
Vikash Abraham

Standing (Left to Right): Front Row: Dr. K. Perumal, Rachel Pomeroy (Guest), Evelyn Daniel, G.S. Mani, Girish Krishnamurthy, Sundeep Kamath.
Second Row: Sanjay Doctor, Jayachandran Krishnareddy, Rambadhran Gopalan, Sarvadaman Patel, Ajit Mathai, Vikash Abraham

Affiliations and Partnerships

The Association will soon become a full member of the Demeter International, from the present guest status. It will have an independent Demeter Certification Office (DCO) to be the Indian certifying agency for the Demeter certification for Biodynamic produce grown and processed in India.

More information on the Certification page.

The Association has a country partnership with the Agriculture Section of the General Anthroposophy Society. Based at the Goetheanum in Dornach, Switzerland it the offshoot of the Agriculture Circle that was formed to experiment with the Biodynamic Method of Farming and Gardening since 1924. It is a central agency that facilitates all the biodynamic associations of various countries by its annual conference, publications, research studies, working groups for nutrition, biodynamic preparations and fruit production. BDAI is a member of the Circle of Representatives of biodynamic agriculture, currently made up of 65 members from 16 countries. Their aim is to take initiative in the place where they live, to promote biodynamic agriculture in connection with anthroposophy.

Visit the website of the Agriculture Section, Goetheanum


The association is a member of and had partnered with the Organic Farming Association of India for the Organic World Congress 2017 that was held in the Delhi NCR in November 2017. The OFAI and the BDAI share many common objectives and a shared vision for organic and sustainable farming in India. The present president of our Association is the past president of the OFAI.

Visit the website of the OFAI.

The Organic World Congress of IFOAM Organics International is held every 3 years in a different country. The OWC 2017 will encourage organic farmers to dominate the presentation halls, sharing their knowledge and innovations with the rest of the organic world farming community.

Organic Farmers should send their presentations to: [email protected].