Bio-dynamic Management
of Vanilla

& Much More



near Mysore



Biodynamic Vanilla is being grown on a 200 acre property near Mysore.  It is the ISKCON farm which has been practicing Biodynamic management for 7 years. 


The farm also has a large area growing coconut and banana under the shade of which is growing the vanilla.  Gliricidia is used extensively for shelter, poles to support the vanilla vines and the foliage is one of the components of the compost along with other biomass grown on the farm and the dung from the herd of 50 indigenous cattle of different breeds.  As much as 1500 cubic metres of biodynamic compost is made annually.


This compost along with up to 5 applications of preparation BD500 and CPP per year has transformed what was very marginal land into very fertile soil with a high humus content and resultant good structure and water holding capacity and the lovely soft feel of strong biodynamic soil.  This farm makes its own preparation BD500.  The quality of all the crops grown on the farm is enhanced by regularly spraying with silica BD501, particularly when the Moon is in opposition to Saturn.


As well as the vanilla, the farm is growing commercial crops of sugar cane which is processed into jaggery, rice, ginger, turmeric, pepper and a full range of vegetables.  Interestingly the rice production is about 25% greater than that of the local farmers and those local farmers prefer to buy Jaiís rice for seed as it is very reliable.  The farm produce is sold at the Hare Krishna Temple in Bangalore and in various towns in Karnataka.  The Vanilla is exported as certified organic.