Bio-dynamic Management
for Growing Grapes


by Peter Proctor


Preparation BD500


Firstly apply cow horn preparation BD500.  Buy from Kurinji Organic Farms in Kodaikanal, Binita Shah in Nainital, or Nandanvan Estates, David Hogg.


Stir 25gms in 13.5 litres of water per acre, stirred for 1 hour and apply 4 times per year.  Apply in the afternoon and at the descending period of the moon.  Apply twice in October-November, and again in February-March.


Preparation BD501


Apply 1gm in 13 litres clean water, stirred for one hour at sunrise when berries are set after flowering.  And then again 14 days before harvest.  Spray always at Moon opposition Saturn.

Spray again after harvest when Moon is in a warmth constellation (fruit/seed day in the BD Planting Calendar) to strengthen next seasons fruit buds.




Buy from Kurinji Organic Foods or Nandanvan, David Hogg.

Apply 1kg in 40 litres per acre, sprayed over leaf, stem and ground once a month.  It should be stirred or put through a Virbela flowform for 15 minutes before applying.  This could help to control powdery mildew when sprayed on the leaves.


Liquid Manures


Made on your farm from cow dung, seaweed powder, the leaves of gliricidia, erythrina crotolaria and/or sunhemp. 

Use preparations BD502-507.   Leave 2 to 3 months to ferment. 

Apply 4 litres in 40 litres of water per acre, once a month, alternate with the CPP.   

Stir or mix for 15 minutes. 

When used as foliar spray is very effective as a tonic and help to control various fungus and insects.




Make compost and apply between 5 and 10 tons per acre annually. 

Apply under the vines in the early Spring February-March and place mulch over the compost.

Compost tea can be effective against fungus, mildew and botrytis.

To make the tea:

Take 1kg of matured BD compost that has been made using preparations BD502-507.

Soak overnight in 40 litres clean water and aerate next morning by stirring, which will increase the spore forming bacteria in tea.  Spray over plants.


Green Manure Cropping Between Rows


Sow cow pea, sunhemp, horsegram, pigeon pea or crotalaria at the beginning of the rainy season.  Allow to grow until flowering and mulch and lightly turn into the soil.