Thoughts on a Medical Breakthrough in a BD Context

1st May 2008


The pixie dust that was recently applied to a man’s severed finger tip caused it to “miraculously” regenerate.  The powder used is called cellular matrix and scientifically the compound signals the cellular tissue at the site of severance to regenerate RATHER that coagulate into scar tissue.  Geckos for example can regenerate a lost tail…an evolutionary adaptation where the local cell tissues give a message to regenerate the part and not just heal over.


What is interesting here is the make up of this cellular matrix.  The main component is cell tissue scraped from the inner surface of a pig’s BLADDER.  In other words this area of the bladder has cell tissue that specialises in cellular regeneration and not just coagulative healing.  My surmise is that there is a specialisation in response to the particular environmental conditions of the bladder – i.e. a high concentration of uric acid and the need to regenerate in order to uphold the water-holding function of a bladder: A good example of evolution’s unique purposive cellular adaptation to circumstances.


Let us now swing to biodynamics. Much scientific scorn is poured on the practice of depositing yarrow flowers in a deer’s bladder, composting this receptacle and then using the product to temper, to catalyse a composting process in a farming context.  The logic of the process is explained in Steiner’s “Agriculture” as facilitating the compost material’s capacity to attract trace elements, phosphorous and sulphur. In the light of the cellular matrix discovery is such a phenomenon so far fetched and akin to black magic as some skeptics would have us believe…?  The specialised properties of the bladder and the yarrow flowers provide the biochemical components that help deliver the unique action of BD compost and CPP.


We would hope that agricultural scientists might turn their blinkered “laboratory hermit” research towards validating this phenomena instead of tinkering ignorantly and irreparably with life’s genetic building blocks.  The real farming is in husbanding and knowledgeably cataysing nature’s processes rather than willfully manipulating with a view to establishing IPR monetary advantage.