Bio-dynamic Management
of a Coffee Estate


Nanvandan Estate

near Kodaikanal



Biodynamic Coffee is being grown in several places in the coffee belt in South India.  One such place, Nanvandan near Kodaikanal in Tamil Nadu, has been growing coffee for the past five years. 


It is only a small farm of 40 acres but with very intensive management.  There is good partial shade from coconuts, bananas, mango, avocado, black pepper vines, gliricidia and citrus. 


Approximately 200 cubic metres of high quality biodynamic compost is being made annually from the farm produced biomas and cow dung brought in from an organic farm.  The compost is spread around and under the coffee bushes each autumn after the rainy season. 


The preparation BD500 is applied together with CPP five times a year and during a descending period of the moon.


The preparation silica BD501 is applied frequently at Moon opposite Saturn and has improved the quality of the berries, and has also been very effective in controlling leaf rust, which has almost eliminated the need to spray with copper.


This farm makes very good BD500, BD501, CPP, compost and liquid manures.


Each year a tree past made from Cow Dung, Clay, Blue Granite dust, and CPP is painted on the bark of the coffee bushes.  This makes a healthy bark and makes for a strong growth.


In 2004 Coffee Nanvandan Royale from this garden was entered into international coffee tasting competition in Trieste in Italy, and was awarded First Prize in the organic section.