Biodynamic farming in Krishna district

G.V.Ramana Rao

NEW TECHNIQUE: Special water energising troughs being used by biodynamic farmers at Vattigudipadu village

VIJAYAWADA: They do not use chemical fertilizers. Pesticides are anathema to them. All the inputs needed for cultivation are available in the farm. They wait for the right planetary positions to spray solutions developed from organic materials for the healthy development of the plants. They irrigate crops with energised water. These are the biodynamic farmers, a new breed in Krishna district, which has a long history of progressive farming. Biodynamic agriculture is based on the teachings of German scientist Rudolf Steiner. He delivered eight lectures in 1924 that made the world sit up and notice him, says biodynamic farmer Chalasani Dutt. How is water energised? Circular compartments.  The water released into the circular compartments circulates in a specific direction and moves into the tank. The water so collected is used for farming as it is considered to have been energised, says Mr. Dutt. Industrialist-turned-horticulturist Mr. Dutt began experimenting with organic farming a few years ago in his garden at Vattigudipadu village in Krishna district. He says he shifted to biodynamic farming as it involves "zero tillage and zero external input" and is eco-friendly, too. What homoeopathy is to medicine is biodynamic farming to agriculture. Steiner had described the way to make eight preparations that were either sprayed on to the plant directly or used in the preparation of compost. "Composting is an art which takes time to learn. It can be mastered only with continuous practice." He says farmers in Krishna could benefit vastly by practising biodynamic farming. He says that he is doing sub-soil water harvesting along with rainwater harvesting.